Ski touring Lofoten

Ski touring in Lofoten.

Between sea & mountains, a wild atmosphere.

Enjoy the magic of the North, Nordic-style comfort and skiing in a unique landscape.

Ski touring in Lofoten with a local guide: An Unforgettable Experience

Imagine skiing down the pristine slopes of Lofoten, with breathtaking views of the Norwegian Arctic landscape all around you. The snow is powdery and fresh, and the sun is shining brightly.

You feel the freedom of the open mountains.

This is the experience of ski touring in Lofoten, and it is one that you will never forget. And the best way to experience it is with a certified guide.

I have lived in Lofoten for many years, and have a deep knowledge of the local terrain and avalanche conditions. I am also passionate about sharing the beauty of the archipelago with others.

I offer a variety of guided ski touring trips, from beginner to advanced levels. I also offer custom trips tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Committed to providing my clients with a safe and enjoyable ski touring experience, I will work for you to choose the best routes for your skill level and experience, and I will provide you with all the necessary training and support.

Ski touring Lofoten


Ski touring in Lofoten is great from mid-February up to the first week of May.

February : northern lights, cold snow and few visitors. Very special time to visit! 

March : best skiing conditions with snow, beautiful sunny days, fish drying; typical Lofoten! Also the most popular time to visit, more tourism. 

April : more stable skiing conditions, amazing springtime, long daylight!  


Here are my suggestions for an optimal trip :

I strongly advise you to come for at least 5-6 days of ski touring. It takes a few days to get in the groove and in case of a day of bad weather, you still have some good days of skiing available.

Arrival in Svolvær or Kabelvåg on Sunday. Ski from Monday to Friday or Saturday. Departure on the evening of the last day of skiing or the following day.

And don’t forget to come also in the Summer

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